Fits with all hands!

Fits with all hands!

50/50 symmetrical grind that is suitable for both right and left-handed users.

You want a unique knife?

You want a unique knife?

Try Luxury Chef's Knife


  • Double Bevel Sharp Edge

    The edge is tapered to 15 degree blade angle, then hardened to between 61 to 62 Rockwell hardness for fantastic cutting edge. Double Bevel makes knife suitable for both right and left-handed users.
    Double Bevel Sharp Edge

  • Blade Decorative Pattern

    67 layers of Japanese VG10 Steel form a beautiful finish on the faces of the blade. It is not only vintage but also fashion, and help to separate food very fast. 
    Blade Decorative Pattern

  • Balance

    A balanced blade and good weight give the knife a comfortable, confident feel on your hand.

  • Grooved Bolster

    When using more professional style pinch grip, a thumb  groove in the bolster makes for a more confident grip on the blade.
    Grooved Bolster

  • Cocobolo Wood

    A durable real hardwood keeps the handle grippy even if it's wet.
    Cocobolo Wood

  • Finger Guard

    The Bolster extends down the heel, but not quite all the way. This protects your fingers against the back of the blade while still allowing you to use the entire cutting edge.
    Finger Guard






Like all Vie Belles products, our new luxury chef's knife has full of features and meticulously engineered. We present to you the best chef knife that can upgrade your whole kitchen with elan.

Quality kitchen tools are vital for a better cooking experience. They allow you to be more creative & versatile in the kitchen, help produces better quality food, act as a chef and if well made should last a lifetime. 

A good Chef’s Knife is the single most important tool in any kitchen.

Great knives do two things very well: feel good in your hand and hold a sharp edge. But behind these deceptively simple concepts are centuries of tradition, technology, design, and craft.

We went through dozens of prototypes to create a handle that not only provides comfort for every hand but also encourages a proper grip for better control and have a unique shape. To ensure true sharpness, we experimented with various blade shapes and high-carbon steels until we found the right match.

By affecting legend and its excellent performance Damascus steel knife has become the master work of knife collectors.

 The Vie Belles luxury chef's knife is made from the finest materials, delivering high-performance and is exquisite. It combines ultra-modern technology with ancient tradition and craftsmanship that assure the ideal solution which every chef is looking for out there. It incorporates features from the Japanese & Western style.  The arc of the sleek Cocobolo wood handle provides stability. The blade is made of the pure VG-10 steel core, Damascus clad, 67 layers folded of SUS 430 Japan stainless steel; full tang with a razor-sharp 15° blade angle each side, 61-62 Rockwell Hardness. Hand-sharpened double-bevel edge makes it suitable for both left and right-hand people. Blade decorative pattern provides stick-resistant cutting performance. The pattern is the result of folding, re-squaring and recombining the steel to create these mosaics like patterns. Widened brass bolsters guide users to the correct grip. The full tang construction provides strength, balance, and easy cutting control. The blade is complimented by a Cocobolo wood handle, pure black Micarta, and brass bolster with mosaic pin. Our unique designed handle makes your knife special and remarkable part of your kitchen tools.

Redefining kitchen essentials, starting with one amazing chef's knife. Premium materials, accurately design and honest pricing.

Vie Belles luxury chef's knife is perfect for the professional & an avid home chef. 

The Vie Belles Luxury Chef's Knife will probably be the most-used knife in your kitchen. If you're like most cooks, you'll want to find the one that feels like an extension of your arm.

Cocobolo is a hardwood from Central America. Rated as very durable, and also resistant to insect attack, it stands up well to repeated handling and exposure to water. Because of its great beauty, high demand and limited supply are likely to be quite expensive.

Double Bevel – (From Wikipedia) A back bevel, similar to a saber or flat grind, is put on the blade behind the edge bevel (the bevel which is the foremost cutting surface). This back bevel keeps the section of the blade behind the edge thinner, which improves cutting ability. Being less acute at the edge than a single bevel, sharpness is sacrificed for resilience: such a grind is much less prone to chipping or rolling than a single bevel blade. In practice, double bevels are common in a variety of edge angles and back bevel angles.’ A double bevel is depicted in the image below:

Double Bevel

The Anatomy of Vie Belles Luxury Chef's Knife

The Anatomy of Vie Belles Luxury Chef's Knife

How We Got Here

Hundreds of sketches. Dozens of prototypes. The last 40 months have been spent building, testing, learning and improving.

Finding right blade is very difficult. We visited lots of factories in Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Japan and China to find the best material as possible.

Sketches & 3D Print

Vie Belles Knife Sketches & 3D Print



knife sharpening


Chef Review

We’ve tested our blade with both chefs and home cooks to develop something that feels intuitive for everyone. Our product tested and reviewed by,

Chef Maryam Ghargharechi 

Chef Maryam Ghargharechi

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Part of our effort to build a long-standing tradition of innovation and quality revolves around a simple mission: to make the best possible knives. The immense amount of research, testing, and precision fabrication that each product receives enables us to maintain extremely close tolerances.

In order to uphold our quality standards, each Vie Belles® Luxury Chef's knife is backed by a limited lifetime warranty designed specifically to protect against any defects in workmanship or material. Lifetime sharpening service is not included with this warranty. We will not warranty products due to loss, damage caused by abuse, neglect, misuse, accident, improper blade sharpening or dis-assembly. Certain foods are too hard to be cut with a knife and should be avoided such as frozen items, bones, shellfish shells, hard squashes, hard cheeses, nut shells, blocks of chocolate, etc. Defective knives will be replaced, repaired, or refunded at our discretion.

Stretch Goals 

Take care of your knives with a cloth that is made to keep them looking their best. This mid-weight polishing cloth from Vie Belles Knives measures 12" x 12" and provides gentle scratch-free performance.






Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles 

    Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles

    • Measures L 24 in. x W 16 in. x H 2.5 in
    • Stylish and functional cutting board and knife holder in one
    • Oregon black walnut, maple, and oak wood with quality oil finish 
    • Dual magnet strip system to store knives when not in use
    • Totally handmade

    This cutting board is double-sided with magnetic knife-holding strips at the center - perfect for chopping and dicing before storing the knives away.  The construction is end-grain butcher block cutting board in Oregon black walnut, maple, and oak wood with an oiled, food safe finish. A combination of professional chefs and master craftsmen have provided their expertise in the construction, design, and reliability of each cutting board. Aesthetically, the double-sided Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles is smooth with a natural wooden appearance and professional, polished look that goes with both antiquated and contemporary kitchen décor. 

    While a passion for cooking and a love for food can spawn from a plethora of memories and experiences, the ability to cook well comes with creativity, imagination, patience, and practice. From professional chefs to the most basic of cooking novices, genuine foodies know that the key to amazing meals comes with fresh ingredients and high-quality kitchen utensils, such as the Everyday Cutting Board & Knife by Vie Belles. 

    Everyday Cutting Board With Knife By Vie Belles


    Stand the cutting board upright for an instant space saver and beautiful knife storage system. The more space that a chef has for meal preparation, the better the meal is likely to be.

    Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles

    Vie Belles Cut Resistant Gloves 
    Vie Belles Cut Resistant Gloves
    • Prevent cuts, nicks and slices with superior protection from mandolin slicers, peelers, graters, and kitchen, carpentry and other types of knives and blades
    • 4x stronger than leather - certified highest EN388 level 5 cut resistance rating
    • Revolutionary secure-grip Microdots easily hold slippery and smooth surfaces like wet vegetables, knife handles, glass, etc. 
    • Lightweight, breathable material made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, fiberglass and spandex fits hands snuggly and comfortably - a better fit than Kevlar or wire mesh
    • Food safe and machine washable - taking care of your gloves is easy
    • Free size
    We may add new products to the Add-On
    Menu if they are far enough along in
    development, so stay tuned.

    Risks and challenges

    We are new in crowdfunding but we launched over 30 products in the last 5 years and we've got some great experience under our belts on how to manufacture high-quality goods and fulfill lots of orders for our customers. We've also been blindsided more than once by completely unexpected issues and always dealt with them in a way that leaves every last customer happy with their purchase and proud to support our company.

    In short, we know what we're doing, and you should be very confident that we will deliver what we say we will when we say we will. And we solemnly swear that should unforeseen issues come up, we will handle them with the utmost transparency and care for you, our supporters.

    Supply Chain Risk: We're incredibly proud of our supply chain, and have a lot of confidence that we can make what we say we'll make when we say we'll make it. But know what? Sometimes 10 shipping containers of product get stuck outside a shipyard for 4 weeks. We pad our schedule for this kind of things, but sometimes not enough.

    Acts of God: Whatever happens, we'll get through it together. We promise.

    • Everyday Chef's Knife Water Splash By Vie Belles
    • Everyday Chef's Knife Water Splash Black By Vie Belles
    • Everyday Cutting Board By Vie Belles
    • Everyday Cutting Board With Knife By Vie Belles


    What is the right knife for every purpose?

    Chef's Knife

    The all-purpose knife is ideal for dicing meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as chopping and cutting herbs in a rocking movement.

    What is the difference between a stamped and a forged knife?

    The steel used is generally identical, however, the manufacturing process is different. Forged knives are produced from a single piece of steel that is heated and shaped at high pressure.

    One way to identify them is by their bolster, which provides enhanced strength, control and security while cutting. Stamped knives are made from a strip of steel that is stamped or cut into shape. As a result, these are a lighter, more cost-effective alternative for those seeking more basic kitchen knives.



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